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Organizing Curriculum

I received materials free of charge in exchange for my post.

I have used Experience Early Learning (formerly Mother Goose Time) for the past seven years and when I decided to open my own preschool program this year I knew that I wanted to continue using this fantastic preschool curriculum. Experience Preschool is for children ages 3-5, which is perfect for my program. Just a few of the things that I love about this curriculum is that it teaches in all content areas, most of the preschool materials are provided and it is research based. It is also easy to incorporate your own lessons into the curriculum (which I love doing) to further their learning.

I was excited to receive our September box and start organizing all of the materials. I used a file box and labeled 20 files so that each day has a file (e.g. Week 1 - Lesson 1). This is an easy way to keep my preschool lessons organized! I also added a few files to keep my curriculum books, extra teacher materials that Experience Early Learning sends us, and my kindergarten prep all in one place. This curriculum company provides most of the materials that are needed to complete the activities and I put all of those materials into one bin so that all of it is easy to find.

Our September "All About Me" Curriculum!

Organized Preschool Curriculum
Preschool Materials

Experience Early Learning has a new theme every month. Our theme for September is "All About Me" and it is a great theme to kick off the new school year as we are getting to know each other. Each week has a new focus topic - Body Parts, Five Senses, Clothing, and Staying Healthy.

I am not new to teaching or directing a preschool, so when I decided to open my own program this year Tilly Tots Preschool came together rather quickly. It has been a fun experience building my own preschool program. I have welcomed each of my students with a new book and our school year officially starts September 8th. I can't wait to get the new school year started and I am excited to be an #EELblogger!

A Welcome Gift

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