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Top Secret Shapes!

This post contains affiliate links. Our Experience Preschool curriculum box is packed full of hands-on lessons for my preschoolers!

We are finishing the last couple of lessons from Friends and Feelings, our September unit from the Experience Early Learning Curriculum. During our lessons this last week we've learned about different ways we can communicate. Today's topic was mail. During circle time we talked about different mail deliveries - USPS, FedEx, and UPS. We also shared some of the fun things we get delivered through the mail (clothes, toys, shoes).

During math I put one of our tangram shapes in the envelope and had the child feel through the envelope to try and guess what shape I had put in. I gave them paper and a pencil and asked them to draw what shape they thought was in the envelope. After they drew their shape they took the shape out of the envelope to see if they were right.

This was a really fun math activity for my preschoolers! The envelope was labeled with a top secret sticker I had put on it - provided in our Experience Preschool curriculum box.

We've been working hard on learning and recognizing different shapes using our tangrams this month, so I did this activity with them one-on-one as a review since we are at the end of the month. Another way to do this activity would be to pair the children up and have one of the children close their eyes as their friend places a shape in the envelope. They can then switch roles, taking turns guessing which shape is in the envelope. This can be a wonderful independent play activity.

This was a great activity to do as a review of the shapes we've learned this month through our tangrams. This math lesson was hands-on and engaging (they were having fun trying to make guesses of what was inside the envelope) and got really excited when they were correct. Learning shapes in preschool is fun!

This activity was part of Week Four, Lesson 18 (Mail) in our Experience Preschool curriculum. They worked on the following skills from our Developmental Continuum of Skills chart:

MR 7 (Logic & Reasoning)

SED 4 (Social Relationships)

MR 3 (Shapes)

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