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What does a lesson look like?

What exactly does an Experience Early Learning lesson look like? How is it laid out? What is included and what do I need to provide in order to complete the lesson? Read on to find out!

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I teach preschoolers ages 3-5, so I use the Experience Preschool curriculum. Check out Experience Early Learning if you teach other ages for age-appropriate curriculum!

For the month of May our unit is Bubbles, Boats and Floats! This first week we are investigating life in the river. Today we learned about beavers. We would see beavers along the river. They use wood to build lodges big enough for all of them to fit inside and they slap their tails on the water which makes a loud noise, warning others that danger is near by.

For our Make & Play project we made beaver puppets!

What was included in this lesson?

As you can see, we received everything we needed to make the beaver puppets in our Experience Preschool curriculum box except for the markers and glue. Rather than use paper shapes for teeth we used a white crayon to color the teeth in after we drew them.

For the math activity, Building with Sticks, the die and sticks were included. I provided the playdough. We love using playdough in our preschool classroom, so I had plenty of that on hand.

They took turns rolling the die and then counted out the same amount of sticks. They used the sticks and their playdough to build their own beaver lodges. This activity was great for practicing their social relationships because they had to share the sticks that were on the table and communicate with each other. My preschoolers also practiced patience as they waited for their turn to roll the die. They had to problem-solve to build their structures.

My preschoolers had a lot of fun with this activity and it was great for practicing our counting skills!

We finished off the day with our literacy activity, Building V. V is one of our letters this month. I really like the loose letter mats and parts that we receive in our curriculum box. They allow the children to build the letters hands-on rather than only learning the letters by pencil and paper.

Experience Early Learning saves the educator a lot of time when it comes to prepping and having to gather materials. This means we can spend more time engaged with our students!

We are excited to dive deeper into Bubbles, Boats and Floats this month.

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