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A to Zoo Names

A to Zoo Names is a table top literacy activity from Experience Early Learning.

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My preschoolers enjoyed building words during this literacy activity. The animal nametags contain a picture, so they were able to identify the word that way. Our words were otter, newt, fox, moose and bird. The bird picture is a parrot, so many of them thought the word spelled 'parrot.' I explained that a parrot is a type of bird. I also explained the difference between /b/ and /p/. We then practiced sounding out the words. This activity called for rocks, which I didn't have on hand, so instead I cut out rock shapes and wrote the letters on those.

I spread out the letters on the table and gave them one word at a time. They practiced reading the word and identifying the letters in it. When building the word I reminded them to start at the beginning and work from left to right.

Want to extend this activity? Experience Early Learning recommended to have the children write the word on a paper strip. This is a great activity to work on print concepts. Some of my preschoolers will match the letters to the word, but out of order. Learning to read the word from left to right, and taking it one letter at a time that direction is a helpful skill to learn.

A to Zoo Names was part of Lesson 13 from our unit, A to Zoo. During Lesson 13 we reviewed two letters, N and O. N is for Newt and O is for Otter.

Our Experience Preschool curriculum box has been full of fun activities this month. Next week is our last week of school before Summer break. Looking to continue the learning over the Summer at home? Check out the fun themes from Experience Early Learning this Summer!

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