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Wrapping up A to Zoo!

This is the last blog post! I want to thank everyone for following us as we shared our activities and adventures using the Experience Early Learning curriculum. I have accepted a teaching position for kindergarten in the Fall, and look forward to 'graduating' with many of my current students.

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We have officially wrapped up A to Zoo with Experience Early Learning. We reviewed the alphabet and learned about several animals! For the letter S, we learned about sheep. They have great memories! During art, they experimented with different textures to create 'fluffy sheep.' We used paper, shaving cream, and cotton balls.

They had a lot of fun with the different textures! It's always a good time when shaving cream is involved.

We used cotton balls and tweezers to count 'sheep.' They rolled two dice and added the two numbers together. The tweezers are great for strengthening fine motor muscles. Need to simplify this activity? Use one die. Want to get even more challenging? Use three dice.

We learned about tigers for the letter T. They like to swim!

Our tiger masks sparked some great dramatic play ideas with my preschoolers. The masks came pre-cut in our Experience Preschool curriculum box. Super helpful!

For the letter W, we learned about wolves. The pack helps care for the babies. We read The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf (we love this story) and then cut out the story pieces to recreate the story several times! This was a great way to encourage storytelling/re-telling.

X-Ray fish was our topic for the letter X, we learned about yaks for the letter Y, and zebras for the letter Z.

We learned about so many animals this month. All of the different topics were very engaging and a great way for my preschoolers to review our letters.

Thanks for a fun year, Experience Early Learning!

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