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L is for Llama!

We are working our way through the alphabet, learning about several animals along the way.

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For the month of June, our unit is A to Zoo Animals. This is a really fun unit where we spend time reviewing what we have learned this year.

L is for Llama! We learned all about this animal for the letter L. They are used as pack animals, helping people carry their belongings on trails. Their wool is used to make ropes, rugs, and fabrics. What do you think their wool feels like? What kinds of animals have four legs? How do they move? Asking your preschoolers questions helps the learning process.

We made llamas out of the letter L today!

Their llamas turned out different, some having ears and some not. We received all of the materials to make this llama in our Experience Preschool curriculum box, all I needed to provide was the markers, glue, and scissors.

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