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All the fun from Lesson 19!

We are wrapping up our Bees and Butterflies unit this week! Today's lesson was packed full of fun.

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This last week of Bees and Butterflies has us learning about different butterflies. Our topic from Lesson 19 was the Peacock Butterfly. This butterfly looks like it has eyes on its wings, which scares away animals. During this lesson we did three fun activities.

During art we started making butterflies. They are still in the process of drying. We used a coffee filter, watery paint and an eyedropper to design what will be the wings. Once these dry we will use the ice cream scoop they decorated for its body and a twist tie for the antennae, making the butterfly.

During literacy we did the 'Butterfly Words' lesson. We played a word family game with words ending in -ug. There were six words that I helped them read. We first worked on learning what sound 'u' and 'g' make together when you put these letters next to each other. We identified the first letter in the word, then put -ug at the end. Slowly we started sounding out the words and pretty soon they were able to identify them!

During math we went on a butterfly hunt! I hung up the butterfly photos that came in our Experience Preschool curriculum box. I handed each of my preschoolers a butterfly hunt guide and a pencil. I told them that as they find the butterflies to put an 'x' in the box next to the one they found. X is one of our letters this month and this was an extra way to practice writing this letter. They loved this activity and had fun taking our magnifying glasses on another hunt afterwards.

During our butterfly hunt they worked on classification and used their gross motor skills.

My preschoolers have learned a lot this month. Tomorrow we wrap up this unit with Butterfly House. In May we will begin our Bubbles, Boats and Floats unit!

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