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All Things Dinosaur!

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

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We are starting off the new year with DinoLand, our January theme with Experience Early Learning! I have a lot of students excited about this one, and our classroom is ready. The children are always excited to see new things on our classroom shelves and this time there is a bigger switch than usual. The children couldn't wait to explore all of the new things! I have a 5x3 foot dinosaur backdrop on one of our walls and it is a fun addition for this theme. The children really feel like they have entered Dino Land.

Here is a look at some of the new things we have out for January!

I thought I would share a little bit of the unboxing of DinoLand as well! When you open your curriculum box you get a little flyer telling you what your next theme will be. As you can see in February our theme will be Global Passport. I use the Experience Preschool curriculum, so our box is for ages 3-5.

In the teacher pack this month they provided station signs to hang around our room - this year we have gotten something new each month! We get posters of the skills they are working on each week that I like to hang up for parents to see. We get a new CD with songs relating to our theme, lyrics to sing (great for music and movement time), and a gathering list which makes it easy to know what I need to provide for my students to complete some of the activities.

Experience Early Learning provided links and dinosaurs this month - it is always fun seeing what new manipulatives are included! We also got two new books, some magnets, and a puzzle. As you can see below I laid out Week 1, Lesson 1 of our DinoLand unit. Our first topic is going to be Paleontologist and each child will get a field journal. They also send a family newsletter and each week we get notes about some of the activities that they do. I like to glue these to the back of their project.

It is always exciting starting a new theme. We have large magnifying glasses out on our shelf this month which will be fun as we explore dinosaurs. In addition to what is planned in our curriculum I have some of my own lessons and activities to add in. We are looking forward to learning all things dinosaur in January!

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