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Animal Homes

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This was our last week of the Habitats and Homes unit from our Experience Early Learning Curriculum. This is also our last week of school until September 1st! This week we took a look at different animal homes. We learned that beavers build a lodge, why and how spiders spin a web, and learned why nests are a safe place to keep eggs. To end the school year we are having an end of year celebration.

We had some fun creative art projects this week. When we learned about beavers we learned what they use to build their homes and that their homes are called a beaver lodge. We used natural materials, such as woodchips, to build our own beaver lodge. Adding natural materials to our artwork was a lot of fun! We took a look at the inspiration photo before getting started, and noticed that they create a dome-shaped home. The entrance to their homes are underwater.

We made spider webs this week too, complete with a jumping spider! These were a great way for my preschoolers to use their fine motor skills as they worked to thread the yarn across a paper plate to create a web. They first wrote their name, cut apart the letters and glued them down onto the plate. I had punched holes around the paper plate and gave them two pieces of yarn for them to design their web.

After making these they spent a lot of time playing with them! This was a great Make and Play project.

We made nests this week, too. We learned what birds use to build nests and how they keep their eggs safe. Baby birds don't leave the nest until they are strong enough.

We played a matching game this week, matching the people and animals to the correct home. This was actually a great way to review the different homes and habitats we have learned about this month. Our Experience Preschool curriculum box did not disappoint! We have learned so much this year, it is hard to believe this school year is over.

I am looking forward to another fun school year ahead with Experience Early Learning. I can't wait to get started on the fun themes planned for next year! Thanks for following us along this year, it was a wonderful first year at Tilly Tots Preschool.

Until September.

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