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Back to School!

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

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We started classes September 1st and it has been so fun meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones. There was a lot of excitement for the first days of school! I am excited to continue using the Experience Preschool curriculum from Experience Early Learning. Our theme this month is Friends and Feelings, which is always a great theme to start the new school year off with.

With the Friends and Feelings theme we are learning how to make friends, be a kind one, and how to communicate with each other. With new students in our class this is a great theme to get to know each other with. This theme will help set the tone for the rest of the school year.

We started our week with learning how to say hello in different languages, making friend puppets, and exploring our classroom. My preschoolers were excited to dig into an art project once again! In our Experience Preschool curriculum box we received all the pieces to make these puppets! Some of the children created themselves and a sibling, and some created themselves and a friend.

We have had some great conversations during circle time these first few days. We talked about how each of us are unique and special. We took time to talk about differences and similarities between us and how we are each our own person, unique and special just as we are. This is an important topic, as we learn to respect each friend in our classroom.

Each month we will be learning certain letters, numbers, a shape and a color. This month our color is blue and we are learning about circles. For a fun extra project we took a lid and stamped blue circles on our paper for our portfolios. For this project all you need is circular objects, paint and paper! Some children carefully arranged the circles and some made a fun collage out of their stamping.

We are so excited to have another fun year of learning with Experience Early Learning!

Keep up with us each week as we dive deeper into our September unit.

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