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Bee Basics

After eight weeks away for maternity leave we've returned to the classroom with our Bees & Butterflies unit from Experience Early Learning.

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My preschoolers were excited to get back to the classroom this week. We dove right into our Bees and Butterflies unit. Our first week is all about the bee basics. We are two days into this unit and so far we have learned about bee homes and food.

We learned that worker bees, drone bees, and the queen bee live in beehives. Every bee has a job in order to make their colony function. Bees can also live in bee houses, nests, and in the ground. We learned that bees collect pollen from flowers to feed their babies. Our shape this month is the hexagon, and we learned that honeycombs have many hexagonal cells which store honey (yum, honey!).

During our first lesson we learned about homes and completed our first Invitation to Create of this unit, Beehive Stamping. The cells inside of bee homes are used to store food or lay eggs. In our Experience Preschool curriculum box we received bubble wrap and they used it to stamp a beehive, and some dug right in with their hands! They added a bee to their beehive afterwards.

We practiced tracing hexagons, making different designs. We used our scissor skills to cut apart a math activity and then worked on our understanding of the relationship between written numerals and quantities.

We rolled a die and pretended our bingo chips were "pollen." We added that many pieces of pollen to our honeycomb, working together to get it filled up.

We are excited for this unit, and they were welcomed back with fun new activities that relate to our new theme.

Follow along to see what else we learn during this fun unit!

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