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Butterfly Life Cycle

This week we have shifted our focus from bees to butterflies. Our focus this week has been on metamorphosis. Each day we have learned a different part of the butterfly life cycle!

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The first part of the life cycle? Eggs. Every butterfly begins as an egg on a leaf. The leaf helps protect the eggs and it becomes the first meal for the caterpillar when it hatches.

Eggs on a Leaf

During our Invitation to Create for this topic we used leaves and pasta to create eggs on a leaf. The pasta added a fun sensory component to this art project.

I really appreciated the ready-to-go leaves that arrived in our Experience Preschool curriculum box because it saved a lot of prep time!

What comes after the egg? Caterpillars! They used cornstarch noodles, a damp cloth, and straws to build caterpillar sculptures at our Make & Play center. At our STEAM center my preschoolers used beads and pipe cleaners to build different caterpillars. It was a fun day of caterpillar building! At our literacy center we played a game with our phonic photo cards, letters of the month, and a hole punch.

The caterpillar forms a vessel to change into a butterfly. This is called a chrysalis, the third part of the butterfly life cycle. We worked on building life cycle patterns, following an ABC pattern, and drawing the life cycle of the butterfly.

Next up, a butterfly! During our butterfly topic we learned about symmetry. They used our attribute blocks to design the wings of our butterfly poster.

We also created the butterfly life cycle using plates.

It has been a busy week of learning here at Tilly Tots Preschool! We have learned a lot with our Bees & Butterflies unit from Experience Early Learning.

It was also spirit week this week, which is why they are dressed up!

We are wrapping up our third week of this unit. Next week we will be focusing on butterflies, learning about the different types and learning about growth and change.

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