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Digging Tusks - Table Top Math

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Today we learned all about elephants as part of our Going on Safari unit with Experience Early Learning.

At our math center, Digging Tusks, we learned that elephants use their tusks to remove tree bark, dig for roots, or make holes to find water. This month in our curriculum box we received link strips and we used two of them to pretend they were 'tusks.' I sat out a tray with popcorn kernels, rocks and pinecones and buried the numbered leaves underneath. We did this activity in three steps.

1. They used their 'tusks' to uncover the leaves, identifying the number and laying it on the table.

2. After all the leaves were found they lined up the leaves in order from 1-10.

3. Our number mats this month are 9 & 10. They used these mats to practice 1:1 correspondence, counting out rocks or pinecones to match the number on the mat. This helps your preschoolers understand the relationship between written numbers and quantities.

My preschoolers loved this math activity! It's important to me that they grow a love for learning and I enjoy making math fun for them.

We learned so many fun facts about elephants today! Some of what we learned:

- Elephants are the largest land mammal and they take care of one another. If one elephant is sick they will stay with it.

- They are herbivores and eat plants, grass, and bark.

- They travel in a herd. Baby elephants hold the tail of the bigger elephants. We compared this to how they hold their parents' hands.

- They use their trunks to pick up food and suck up water.

- Their ears help keep them cool.

This week we are learning all about wild safari animals. We love our Going on Safari theme with our Experience Preschool curriculum!

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