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Hamburger Squirt

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

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What is the best way to make everyone hungry during art? Make a hamburger! Hamburger Squirt was full of fun textures as we learned about the kitchen this week. Week Two of Habitats and Homes has been all about rooms, and how to get organized with sorting skills. During our kitchen topic we had fun 'cooking' up a hamburger during art. This art project included puff paint, regular paint, napkins, glue, paper plates, and a squirt bottle. The favorite part? Adding the 'ketchup' (using the squirt bottle) to their burgers!

For the puff paint I mixed shaving cream with glue, and added paint. We used the puff paint for the bun and cheese to put on our burger. Puff paint is always fun to use and gives their artwork a 3D look to it. I cut paper plates into three pieces - the top and bottom bun and the hamburger patty. During this art project we talked about what toppings we like to put on our own burgers and we agreed that they are best on the BBQ!

One of the things I love about the Experience Early Learning curriculum is that there is no wrong way of doing something. We could have completed these burgers several different ways, however we chose to build it stacked like the inspiration photo. This was a very messy project, but some of the best art experiences are messy! Everyone loved feeling the different textures to their hamburger. Do you like lettuce on your burger? Do you like it on the top or the bottom of your hamburger? How are you going to use the green napkin to make the lettuce? Do you like cheese on your burger? We love to have conversations during art as they work on their process.

Some of the students rolled their napkin, some tore it up into small pieces, and some tore it into strips. Some of the hamburgers have a lot of ketchup while some of them have just a little. By the end of the day we had 16 delicious looking hamburgers on our drying racks!

Some of the art projects from our Experience Preschool curriculum are open-ended with no real outcome planned while some of them have an end-goal, such as this one. We knew the final outcome of this project was going to be a hamburger. We love the art experiences that Experience Early Learning provides us. We have had fun learning more about the different rooms in our house this week. My preschoolers have shared about their own homes and what makes each room different, which has brought up conversations about the similarities and differences between homes.

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