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I Can Read!

This post contains affiliate links. A big thanks to Experience Early Learning for providing such a fun theme for November!

Each month we receive a new I Can Read! book in our Experience Preschool curriculum box. This month has been all about transportation with our 'On the Go' unit and our book was related to that, it was titled We Go. I love that they relate to our theme and the illustrations in these books are fun. As I read they follow along, sometimes repeating after me. We look and listen for certain words in these books. This month we listened for 'we,' 'go,' and 'in.' As I read they circled these words each time they heard them.

The sight word pointers are great for helping them match the words if needed. They can use these to go across the sentence and search for the word they need to circle. These little books help with reading comprehension and concepts of print. They are learning to read from left to right and learning to identify sight words. It usually only takes a couple of times to read through these before they are able to recognize and repeat most of the words on the page. They further their understanding of the relationship between the text and the pictures.

These books help boost your child's confidence when it comes to learning how to read. These are great for those early literacy skills, they are simple yet fun. I send these home for them to read with their parents. Each month a new book with new sight word pointers and word cards come in your curriculum box. The word cards, like pictured above, are great for helping build sentences on their own.

We have had a lot of fun with our 'On the Go' unit, so much fun that November seemed to fly by! We are beginning to transition to our December unit, which is called 'Cozy Winter Senses.' We are excited to dive into our December curriculum box from Experience Early Learning!

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