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I Can Read: Bees

Every month we complete a new I Can Read book relating to our current theme. These books are great for early literacy skills.

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This month our theme from Experience Early Learning is Bees and Butterflies. We have learned a lot of scientific facts so far and we are only in our second week of this unit. This week we are focusing on bees and wasps.

In our Experience Preschool curriculum box we get I Can Read books each month. This month our book is called Bees. Each book comes with a set of sight words that we learn. This month we learned go, come, away. As I read this book they followed along and I asked them if they heard any of our words that we were looking for. They used the pointers and word cards to help them if needed and circled the words as we read.

These books are simple and perfect for their early literacy skills. Because they are written in a simple format they can pick up on how to read these books quickly. They learn to read left to right and turn pages. They learn how print works and they work on identifying and recognizing sight words. These little books are great for their reading comprehension.

As we work on our Developmental Continuum of Skills chart this literacy activity helped them with the following skills:

LLD 2 Communication

SED 3 Attention & Persistence

LLD 4 Alphabetic Knowledge

This month is full of fun facts. How do bees find flowers? They see bright colors and patterns on the petals and they can smell the sweet flowers. Farmers like bumble bees because they are great at pollinating crops, and honeybees need to collect nectar from about two million flowers to make just one pound of honey - not an easy task!

The last two weeks of this unit will shift our focus to butterflies. My preschoolers are enjoying sharing what they know about bees and wasps this week and looking at the similarities and differences between each one.

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