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Invitation to Create with Experience Early Learning

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Art in preschool is so fun. Through art preschoolers practice their fine motor skills, they expand their ability to interact with the world around them, and art provides new skills for communication and self-expression. Experience Early Learning provides several creative art lessons monthly in their curriculum. The Invitation to Create lessons really allow for children to use their imagination to complete their project. Today's Invitation to Create was Wax Resist Art.

When I told them I was going to give them a piece of paper (white) and a white crayon, I was immediately told that it wasn't going to work! They were right, of course, white crayon on white paper doesn't exactly work! What they didn't realize was that as soon as they were to paint over the paper with watercolor their drawings would appear. They thought this was so cool! We talked about how the crayon would resist the watercolor paint when they painted over their drawings. They loved that it was like revealing 'secret messages.' Experience Early Learning provided most of the materials that we needed to complete these paintings; paper, white crayons, the title display and the inspiration photo.

Title Display - You can cut this apart.
Inspiration Photo

The children really like looking at the inspiration photos that are sent with the Invitation to Create projects. The inspiration photos make for a great discussion and gets them thinking about their project. Before we got started we looked at this photo and talked about what they noticed in the picture and what type of lines they saw. After they started drawing I asked them if they could see the marks on their paper. As they guessed, they couldn't. After they finished with their crayons I gave them watercolor paint and asked them what they thought would happen when they painted over the crayon marks. Their paintings turned out neat!

Experience Preschool is Experience Early Learning's curriculum for children ages 3-5. I have been teaching for a long time so differentiating the curriculum to meet the children's needs comes naturally to me, but Experience Early Learning also includes ways to simplify a project or ways to challenge the children if they need the project to be a little more challenging. I love that they make it easy to meet every child's needs through each project so that the teachers can meet the children on their level.

We will be diving into October's curriculum on Thursday - we can't wait!

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