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June, A Time for Review

We have loved every theme from our Experience Preschool curriculum this year! We just kicked off our last unit of the school year this week, Habitats and Homes. This post contains affiliate links.

This first week of Habitats and Homes has us exploring the different places people live. June is also a time where we review what we have learned this year, such as our letters, numbers and shapes. Reviewing key concepts that we have learned over the past several months is a great way to end the school year.

This week we have learned about houses, discussing the similarities and differences between homes. We've learned about apartments and that they are more common in cities than rural areas. We learned that many people live in an apartment building and that people rent from someone called a landlord. They enjoyed talking about their own homes! It has been fun to relate the topics this week to their real-life.

Today we learned about RV's and Hotels. We learned that RV stands for recreational vehicle and that it has a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping units. Hotels are a place people stay temporarily, and we had fun sharing our own experiences with staying in a hotel. We spent the morning reviewing our shapes through a fun puzzle scene, designing an RV road map during art, and working in our journals.

This puzzle was a lot of fun, and a great way to make the connection between objects and shapes.

Every month we receive a new My Little Journal in our Experience Preschool curriculum box. These journals help reinforce some of the key concepts we are learning for the month. From September through May we introduce a new shape, new letters, new numbers, and a color. This month our journals are reviewing everything we've learned. Today they practiced writing their letters by tracing and then writing it on their own.

One of my favorite things about the Experience Early Learning curriculum is that it is play-based. Children get to play, take risks, and explore throughout our classroom. It has been such a fun year of learning!

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