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Jurassic Land

This is our last week of DinoLand and our focus has been on Jurassic Land. We started off our week learning about volcanoes, before moving on to Pangaea, Jurassic Plants, and Extinction. Tomorrow we will wrap up our unit because next week we move on to Global Passport. We love having a new theme each month!

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Every month at Tilly Tots Preschool we do Kids in the Kitchen, and this month we made Stegosaurus Sandwiches - which seemed like the perfect way to wrap up our DinoLand unit with Experience Early Learning. I found this idea on Pinterest, and the children loved them! During Kids in the Kitchen we talk about kitchen and food safety and they get to make their own snack. We do something different every month! This snack included a peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut into a triangle, tortilla chips, bananas and raisins.

We of course had to do a volcano experiment during our Volcano topic! We conducted this experiment using an apple, which they thought was cool. This was a simple science lesson using an apple, baking soda, vinegar and liquid watercolor (red). I hollowed out an apple and the children added baking soda to the apple first. We then mixed our liquid watercolor with the vinegar and used eyedroppers to add the vinegar to our apple until we created an eruption. This Apple Volcano science experiment was fun!

This was a fun science lesson for our Volcano topic!

We also crafted volcanoes during art.

This week we learned why plants were so important for dinosaurs. We practiced our positional vocabulary during our Make & Play project, Dino Path. This activity was included in our Jurassic Plants lesson. We stomped the feet of our dinosaurs in paint and then stomped them along our path! We learned that dinosaurs left their big footprints in the Earth.

We also practiced spelling and reading this week. We learned four new words, van, let, vet, and pen. After learning the words we had to figure out which letter was missing from our word mats in order to spell the word. This was a fun way to put our learning into practice! I love the word mats I get in the Experience Preschool curriculum because there are so many ways I can use them.

It is hard to believe that we are already at the end of January. We loved DinoLand and we are looking forward to 'traveling' with February's theme, Global Passport.

Until next week.

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