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Learning Shapes

Today we started our lessons from week two of our Friends and Feelings unit from Experience Curriculum. Because we started school on Wednesday, September 1st our lessons are a little off (normally we start our lessons for a new week on a Monday and end them on a Friday). During this set of lessons we are talking about feelings and learning how to express our emotions. We are also learning how to manage our emotions, an important skill. We started off with talking about what makes us happy. When I asked my preschoolers what makes them happy during circle time most said ice cream and playing! Who doesn't like ice cream?

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you Experience Early Learning for providing us with amazing materials!

One of our activities from Week 2, Lesson 6 (Happy) was a Feeling Shapes game. Games are a great way to engage your preschoolers and they make learning fun. It's also a great way to practice teamwork. We started this activity by working together to sort our tangrams, which were provided in our Experience Preschool curriculum box. We worked together to sort the shapes into the correct piles. This was a fun matching opportunity. My preschoolers worked well together during this portion of the activity.

After they sorted them we put them back in the basket and I put the paper shapes into the bag.

As you can see the shapes have different expressions. We talked about how we thought the shapes were feeling based on their expression. They took turns drawing a shape from the bag, identifying it and then finding the matching shape from our tangram basket. Once they found the right shape they traced it on their paper. The tracing proved to be challenging but was great practice.

I love that the Experience Early Learning curriculum includes fun games that let us practice important skills. Today we worked on identifying triangles, circles, rectangles and the rhombus. After tracing some of the children drew expressions on their shapes.

The Friends and Feelings theme has been a lot of fun so far. We are getting to know each other, learning to work as a team, and learning how to be a kind friend. My preschoolers are learning important life skills. 😊

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