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Learning to be Resourceful

Each month my preschoolers learn a new character trait. For the month of January we have been talking about what it means to be resourceful.

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Each month in our Experience Preschool curriculum box we get a new Forest Friends book. This month our book is called Building Buddies and it is a story about resourcefulness. This character trait went with our January unit, Going on Safari.

A little background on the book:

Two friends, Raccoon and Mouse, want the berries that are across the river. Unfortunately the river is too rough for them to get across so they plan on building a bridge only to find out neither of them have the materials or tools to make it happen. Rather than giving up they work together to find materials that will work and improvise. They successfully built a bridge together and enjoyed the berries.

We read the book and then I ask a few questions to see if they remember what we read. One important takeaway from this story was that they didn't give up when they didn't have what they needed. Together as a class we talked about how it's important to not give up, and how we can work together to make something happen, sometimes it just takes a different plan.

After the story we completed the draw and dictate sheet that went with it. I asked them what they could help make with a friend and asked them to draw me a picture of it. After they drew their picture they told me about it and I wrote it down. Then they got to cut out the character puppet from our story. Draw and dictate sheets are great for preschoolers because they get to practice their communication skills.

We also had character pieces that they used to recreate the story with. They always have fun using their puppets to create their own stories with, and this is another fun way to bring dramatic play into what we are learning about.

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