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Picasso Portraits for Preschoolers

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Today we learned about Picasso! Lesson 9 of Friends and Feelings from Experience Curriculum is "Surprised." During circle time my preschoolers shared about times where they felt surprised and what their face looks like when they are. We have some mirrors on one of our shelves this month which we have used for various lessons as we learn to identify facial expressions. Today we used them for our Picasso Portraits.

We took a look at a Picasso Portrait during our Invitation to Create from Lesson 9.

"What shapes do you notice as you look in the mirror?" "What shapes do you see in the Inspiration Photo?" "How do you think the person in the photo is feeling?" "What shapes will you use to build a face?" These were questions I asked my preschoolers as we started our Picasso Portraits.

I always ask my preschoolers questions during our art projects because it gets them thinking about the creative process as they begin.

They used colorful paper shapes to create their own portrait. Some used scissors and crayons to add to their portrait. They carefully thought out what shape they were going to use for their head and had fun using various shapes for their facial features. Experience Early Learning provided the paper shapes in our Experience Preschool curriculum box which was really convenient because all I had to do was pop them out! This saved a lot of time, as there were several different shapes available to use.

We compared the Picasso Portrait to what we saw when we looked in the mirror. They noticed right away that in the portrait the eyes weren't right next to each other. Most of my preschoolers wanted their eyes to be next to each other like what they see when they look at themselves in the mirror. Some of them put their shapes really close together while others spread their shapes out over most of their paper.

I loved seeing how each one turned out because they are all so different!

We are wrapping up our set of lessons from Week Two tomorrow with "Scared."

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