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Process Art - Parent Gifts

This year I wanted to help the kids make something special for their parents for Christmas. I'm due at the end of January with a baby and the amount of support that has been shown from the families this year has been remarkable. It is just me, which means that there will be a short maternity leave disrupting our year. I'm working on take-home learning packets with what would be our themes for February and March, and then we will pick right back up where we left off on March 28th - after Spring break.

I'm thankful for everyone sticking with us despite this, and can't wait to return at the end of March. I know I'll have lots of little ones asking questions - as they have been quite curious about my ever-growing baby belly!

I discovered this process art idea where the children paint with Christmas bows. I bought real canvases, acrylic paint in red, green, gold and white, and taped the bows to popsicle sticks. They looked a little puzzled at first when they spotted the bows as we've never painted with something like that before, but quickly got excited. They were also just as excited to paint on a real canvas. The trick with this project is to stamp the bows onto the canvas rather than use them like a paintbrush.

Some of the paintings dried with a really cool texture. I love how each painting turned out so different, they had a lot of fun with this process! When they were dry we taped ribbon around them and attached an ornament that they made. These looked just like a present with the ribbon.

They were really excited to gift these to their parents!

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