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Race to the Cave!

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Experience Early Learning provides several fun games for you to play with your class! Best of all, during these games they are learning important skills. We played two games today, Race to the Cave and How Many Are Sleeping? When we played Race to the Cave we were working on our alphabetic knowledge as well as our attention and persistence skills. They were learning to match uppercase letters and lowercase letters with this game as well. While we played How Many Are Sleeping? we were working on our number sense and communication skills. Experience Early Learning provided us with everything we needed to play these games!

We have been using our bear counters this month for different lessons. Experience Early Learning provides us with different math manipulatives every month that ties into our theme, which is great because using different things to count with makes math more fun. We got to use our bears for both of these games today during our Hibernation topic from Week 3, Lesson 13 in our Weather and Seasons unit.


"Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning." - Mr. Rogers


I love this quote from Mr. Rogers. We have been practicing our letter and number recognition this week, so I was excited to see two games that worked on both of these skills. They got to play games - which they love to do - and were learning at the same time! These games were great for practicing the skills we have been learning this week as they reinforced them. While playing games they are also working on patience as they wait for their next turn. Sometimes patience is hard, so it is good to practice this.

Our bear counters for October.

How Many Are Sleeping?

In our preschool classroom we love to play games! Most of their learning at this age happens through play. Giving your preschoolers the chance to experience lessons through hands-on learning is really beneficial, that is why I love the Experience Preschool curriculum from Experience Early Learning. They get the chance to play all while learning so much!

This was a good way to practice 1:1 correspondence.

My preschoolers loved this game!
They started cheering on the bears at the end!

We are enjoying our Weather and Seasons unit and can't wait for next month, when we get to Explore the Rainforest!

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