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Rainforest Review

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This is our last week of our Explore the Rainforest unit with Experience Early Learning. Because of Thanksgiving we have a short week. We really enjoyed this unit and I cannot believe how fast the month went! For our last week we focused on the emergent layer of the rainforest, which is the fourth layer!

This week we completed a rainforest collage. Collages are a fun process for preschoolers because they consist of using several different materials! Like with each art project, they get total creative freedom on how they use the materials. Art helps children develop their creative, reasoning, imaginative and problem solving skills. When you talk to children about their art work it helps their language development and gets them thinking about the process that they used. Every collage turned out so different! Collages are a great way to practice fine motor skills. My preschoolers have really been focusing on their scissor skills!

We took time this week to review all that we have been learning about the rainforest. We learned that there are four layers of the rainforest, like a layered cake! This month was filled with more hands-on, engaging lessons for my preschoolers. Our Rainforest Friends activity in Week Four, Lesson 19 of our Explore the Rainforest unit was a great way to review the layers of the rainforest and what we would see in each layer. We did this activity a little differently. I cut apart the cards and during circle time today, after reviewing what the four layers were, I handed each child an animal and they had to decide which layer the animal lives in. We did this a few times and it was a really good way to review some of the animals we have talked about this month. This also was a great visual! Visuals are important for preschoolers. With this activity were were working on skills relating to classification and natural and Earth science!

Rainforest Friends activity.

We love the Experience Preschool curriculum and the fact that there is a new theme each month. Our theme for December is Ice Castle. The children are really excited about December and we have started decorating our school this week.

Thanks for joining us this month as we explored the rainforest! I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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