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Rainy Windows Creative Art

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We wrapped up our Bubbles, Boats & Floats unit last week. It was a fun month of learning! One of our art projects was to create rainy windows. We talked about what the rain sounds like when it hits our windows. We have had a lot of rain recently where we live, so this was a fitting topic.

I watered down our paint and they used eye droppers to squirt it onto their papers, making rain drops. Eyedroppers are fun to use during art and are great for fine motor skills!

We loved this art project! Experience Early Learning sent us the window cutouts in our Experience Preschool box. I really appreciated receiving these. Once their paintings dried we glued on the window cutouts. These turned out really neat!

They all turned out really different, and my preschoolers had a lot of fun creating their rain drops.

Our next unit, and last one of the school year, is A to Zoo. This is a great one to end the year with!

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