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Week three of Bubbles, Boats, and Floats is all about soapy water! Our topic during lesson 12 was washing dishes. We have also been talking about what it means to be responsible this month. For this topic I set up a dishwashing dramatic play center. They put their learning to practice and had a lot of fun washing dishes!

Wash, Rinse, Dry

This was a fun center and they loved the soapy water!

They worked on cooperative play and communication with their peers at this dramatic play center.

Washing dishes shows responsibility - our character trait this month. Our story to help us understand what responsibility means is River Clean-Up. We read this story, where Otter sees Raccoon throwing trash into the river. Is this responsible? No. Otter talks to Raccoon about this, and explains that the river is important to everyone who lives there. It is wrong to throw trash into the river.

Together, Raccoon and Otter cleaned up the trash. I asked my preschoolers how they can help keep the water clean during our draw and dictate activity, which was based on this story. I asked them to draw a river and then they cut or tore up paper to add trash to their picture. We talked about what we could do if there isn't a trash can nearby, and why it is important to not litter.

Our trash ends up in the water, making those who live there sick. If we see trash on the ground we can do our part to pick it up, preventing it from ending up in the water.

Our community is surrounded by beautiful rivers and the ocean, and this was a great lesson that they can apply to their everyday life.

Experience Early Learning sends us a new story every month that helps us understand our character trait of the month. These books are included in our Experience Preschool curriculum box with a draw and dictate sheet and a character puppet. I love adding the draw and dictate sheets to their portfolios.

It is important to teach preschoolers how to be responsible.

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