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Road Art for Preschoolers

Our new theme "On the Go" kicked off with Road, our first topic. Roads can be straight and curvy. Some roads are paved while others are made of dirt or gravel. How are roads made? Why do we have roads? What do we see on them? Some roads go on for miles while others have a dead end. My preschoolers enjoyed a fun conversation about our first topic during circle time and shared what they knew about the road they take to their house and what they see along the way.

In our art center I sat out our Invitation to Create: Build a Road. They found paint, gravel, tubes, markers, scissors, glue and paper waiting for them. They were immediately excited about the materials on the table. It's not everyday they see gravel in the art center! The inspiration photo showed several roads going every direction. I asked them what they saw happening in the photo and asked them how they were going to build their roads. Some decided to cut their roads out, then roll the paint (cement) over their roads. Others chose to roll their roads across their paper. The gravel added a fun texture.

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Through this art process they saw that there were several different ways that they could complete their project, and none of them were right or wrong! It's really fun giving your preschoolers creative freedom and seeing how each one uses the materials provided. Some students will use every material that's available while others only use a few. The end results are all different.

Their first art project from "On the Go" touched on the following skills:

SCI 1: Investigation & Inquiry

SED 3: Attention & Persistence

I love the inspiration photos that are included in our Experience Preschool box. They start some great conversations which help further their learning on our topic.

We are having a lot of fun with our new theme from Experience Early Learning!

We are using directional vocabulary, taking a look at maps, traffic signs, and using our engineering skills this week.

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