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Shadow Stories

"The cat and the bear went into the magical forest to play with their toys. They went in the trees and found friends. They went on an adventure in the forest to find more friends. They went on another adventure with their mom and dad to build a snowman when it snowed."
- E, Age 3

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We have ended our Cozy Winter Senses unit with Experience Early Learning. During our last week one of our topics was Shadow, from Week 4, Lesson 18. How do you feel when you see a shadow? "I'm not scared because I'm brave" said one of my students. Our Make & Play project for this topic was to make shadow puppets.

Each child had five puppets. They had a bear, a mouse, a cat, a tree, and a bird. They also had two dice with pictures of the puppets on them. We sat around the table and they took turns rolling their dice and then matching the two puppets. Once they found their puppets they created a story with them. If they landed on the question mark they got to choose which puppet to add to their story.

I heard some very creative stories with this activity. This was a great way to practice public speaking skills as well. Nobody hesitated to tell their story in front of the class, not even my quietest students!

The dice, puppet cutouts, and the straws were included in our Experience Preschool curriculum this month, which made this activity easy to put together.

We have enjoyed the Cozy Winter Senses unit and look forward to our next one, Going on Safari!

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