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Shark Teeth Math Game

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

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We have had a really fun week learning all about large sea creatures with our Experience Preschool curriculum from Experience Early Learning. This month has been all about the ocean with our unit, Ocean Dive. One of our topics this week was sharks. This was an exciting topic! During this topic we learned what a group of fish is called (a school) and why fish travel in groups, after all there is safety in numbers. We learned what a shark eats, that a shark is really a fish, and that they can have thousands of teeth over their lifetime.

During math today we played a game. One of the best things about this game is that everything we needed for it came in our curriculum box, meaning there was very little planning for it, which of course meant that I could spend time planning for other activities. This game was called Shark Teeth, and we sat down together as a class to play this game. While they waited their turn they practiced patience, and watched closely as their friends took their turn. They took turns spinning the spinner and then counting out the teeth to place on the shark. We didn't actually have shark teeth, but we used our little shells that came in our curriculum box this month. We filled the shark's mouth with teeth!

A few things I loved about this game:

  • It was a game. Learning math through fun games like this is great for my preschoolers. It keeps math fun and they are learning important skills while playing.

  • It tied into our Shark topic perfectly!

  • The materials I needed for it were provided in our Experience Preschool box this month.

  • They practiced identifying the number they landed on and used 1:1 correspondence to count. They are gaining an understanding of the relationship between numbers and quantities.

These seashells that came as our manipulative this month have been put to good use! They have had a great time using them during math activities and exploring the different shapes of them. I love letting them use different math manipulatives. We have also been using our fingers to count with! I think this is an important skill for them to learn, as they will always have their fingers available if they need to count something.

Next week we will be learning about small sea creatures.

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