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Taking Our Learning Outside of the Classroom

This month we have been learning about different forms of transportation and we got the opportunity to take a fun field trip to the Tillamook Air Museum. This post contains affiliate links.

This week, as part of our 'On the Go' theme from Experience Early Learning, we have been learning about transportation by air and water. This was the perfect week to take a field trip to the Air Museum to further our learning!

This field trip was a nice change of pace for everyone. The Tillamook Air Museum has a lot of history to it, as it is housed inside of Hangar "B," which was completed by the U.S. Navy in August of 1943. It has so many great interactive opportunities for children. They got to climb up inside of some of the airplanes, pretending they were the pilots. They were amazed by how many buttons some of the planes had. They also got to see what the inside of some airplanes looked like years ago. It was a really fun opportunity to further our learning on transportation by air, and what airplanes have been used for.

This has been a fun week of learning. Some of the students asked a lot of great questions about the airplanes we were seeing and we had fun reading the facts about the history of the airplane.

In our Experience Preschool curriculum box this month we received materials to make airplane launchers, which was a fun project! We worked on classification by identifying colors and landing airplanes on the matching landing strip. We practiced writing our names in shaving cream (which we pretended were clouds - something you would see outside of an airplane window).

November has gone by really fast and we have just one week left of 'On the Go.' We have focused on the letters U, J, and D. Our shape this month is the triangle and yellow is our color of the month. We have also learned what it means to be generous and thankful. I printed out turkeys and we talked about what they were thankful for, putting those things on the feathers. It was a great time to reflect on things that matter to them.

Next month, our theme from Experience Early Learning will be 'Cozy Winter Senses.'

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