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Week Two!

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This week we have learned all about our five senses. We are also learning the letter A, and started our Colors of the World by learning about Africa! Our color this month is brown, so we found the brown continent on our map. It happened to be Africa, which went with our letter this week. Every month Experience Early Learning gives you new basic concepts to learn. We put ours on a bulletin board and go over it at circle time. I love that they send these fun pieces in their curriculum every month!

For our Sense of Taste topic I brought in apples, pears, and lemons and we did a taste taste. This was one of their favorite activities this week! We talked about what was sweet and what was sour. They all agreed that the lemon was sour while the apples and pears were sweet. The faces they made while tasting the lemons were priceless! While we were doing the taste test we talked about what kinds of foods they liked (spicy, sweet, sour, etc.) and they all shared what their favorite foods were. This has been a fun week learning about our senses.

We have worked together this week to make a list of words that start with the letter A and added some of them to our word wall - a great new addition to the curriculum this year. Word walls are a great addition to your preschool classroom. We are working on learning the concepts of print and one of the activities that Experience Early Learning provides monthly is an I Can Read book. These books relate to the monthly theme and practice sight words. We read It Smells and worked on recognizing it, is, and a. We talked about what we thought the book would be about and what pictures we saw. We also talked about things that smell good and things that smell bad. These books are also great for learning the parts of a book as the children get to be hands on with it. We worked on listening skills (did they circle the correct words?), sentence-building, and worked on one-to-one correspondence (print matches the spoken words). As we read the book together we circled the three sight words. After we read the book we used the words and pictures that Experience Early Learning provided to practice building sentences. These are fun books for preschoolers to begin reading with!

While we learned about Africa we talked about what things we might see there (this conversation went great with our sense of sight topic) and we talked about the different animals that live there. We love the Color of Our World addition to our classroom this year - it is such a fun way for preschoolers to learn about the world around them and different cultures. I printed out an outline of Africa and we made hand print elephants - a fun art project to go along with our learning! We used the different pieces that came along with the Colors of Our World and placed them in Africa's pocket. These pieces included pictures that you saw on the map.

We have officially wrapped up week two of our All About Me unit with Experience Early Learning. We have two more weeks of fun activities and lessons with this topic before we switch over to our October theme. The children are learning a lot with our Experience Preschool curriculum and I love incorporating my own lessons into it. We can't wait to learn more next week!

Until next time.

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