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World Market Week & Valentine's

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This week in our Global Passport unit with Experience Early Learning we focused on diverse cultural crafts that we would find in the World Market. We made masks, our own kites, and weaved a design through a rug. We practiced so many skills all while having fun, and we are ending our week with our Valentine's parties!

During our topic, 'Rug,' in Week Two, Lesson 8 of our Global Passport unit we practiced several skills. We worked on our hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, number recognition and are deepening our understanding of the relationship between written numbers and quantities. We also practiced tracing by using our tangrams to make designs on a rectangle 'rug' I had cut from paper. We received rug pictures with holes cut throughout them and yarn in our Experience Preschool curriculum. They used their hand-eye coordination to weave a design through the rug.

They had a lot of fun doing this and were proud of their designs. The picture below is what we get with our Invitation to Create projects in our Experience Preschool curriculum box. I love what is included, which is the title page, inspiration photo, a little background on our project, and a conversation starter.

During our 'Rug Fringe' activity I cut out rectangles and we pretended they were rugs. I sat out our tangrams and they traced the shapes to make designs. After they were done designing they took turns rolling our cube, which had numbers 1-6, and when they landed on a number they identified it and then cut that many fringes in their rug. We kept doing this until they had fringes going all the way around.

This was a really good activity to further our learning of the relationship between written numbers and quantities as they cut out the fringes, number recognition, their fine motor skills, and also self control. It was hard for some of my students to just cut a fringe, when they started cutting some wanted to keep going!


We are ending our week with our Valentine's parties and today was our first one! We had so much fun playing with heart balloons, decorating cookies, completing a Things I Love worksheet, enjoying a yummy snack and opening our Valentine's. Here are some pictures from our fun day!

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