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Would You Rather? with Preschoolers

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Would You Rather is a fun literacy game included in our Experience Preschool curriculum box this month. During lesson 15 we learned about working together. We practice teamwork everyday in our classroom by working together to keep it clean and safe. My preschoolers have been really good about helping each other out this year, even if they didn't make the mess.

Our literacy activity for lesson 15 from the Friends and Feelings unit was this fun game. Would You Rather is all about making a choice, self-awareness, and counting how many votes each card received. I encourage my preschoolers to make their choice based off of what they would really choose for themselves, not what their friend chose. Sometimes this is tricky for them, but it's great practice to be able to choose for yourself. We also take this time to talk about how it's okay if our friend wants to do something that we don't, we don't always have to like the same things. Some of them opted to explain their choice and I encourage this too - it helps their communication skills.

I sat out Fall leaves for the morning class and acorns for the afternoon class to vote with. We played this game a couple of different ways. One way was taking turns, which meant we practiced patience - an important skill that we are working on. I asked them to really think about which option they would choose to do while they waited for their turn. This took a few tries, as not everyone wanted to wait for their turn. When this happened I had them take their leaf or acorn out of the game and we tried again. After a few times of restarting everyone waited for their name to be called.

Another way we played was for everyone to cast their vote at once. With them doing it this way they were more prone to vote for themselves (instead of waiting to see what their friend would choose) and they did a great job of explaining their choice. Some cards were more popular than others and they were able to tell me what card had the most votes just by looking at the cards, which is great for recognizing quantities. We then counted and compared votes.

We play different versions of this game throughout the school year and it's always a fun one. My preschoolers enjoy voting and this game allows us to work on self-awareness.

Tomorrow we begin our lessons from week four already, September is going fast!

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